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Hello, I am an architectural designer currently based in Bristol, UK. With experience in architectural practice, lighting design and festival decor, installation and stage build. Currently I am undergoing my Masters of Architecture RIBA Part 2 at University of West England. I am an aspiring built environment designer and thinker, redefining the boundaries of an architects role in the future. Currently working in the realms of small intervention, community engagement and temporary architecture.

While I have always advanced my architectural career through practice, to further my personal knowledge I tend to get involved on site as much as possible or production build to be a part of a project from concept to completion. 



Current News: 

As a part of the UWE IBSTOCK lectures, the Under The Flyover and concrete community project has been selected to be a key exemplar project, in which myself and other team members Luke Carnaby and Mathew Smith presented the process and what had been learnt from an architectural students perspective. Secondly, as a part of the design research module at university a small team of four including myself has been created to take on a commission stage / seating brief for a upcoming Arnolfini exhibition in gallery 1. 


Making and The City - UWE MArch 1st year conceptual project

This project aims to create a centre of making which provides services for the local community and the city in craft and design skills. The institute will run classes in all types of craft, making and offer a platform for the public to discuss and solve issues in our shared built environment while testing new ideas on site using the facilities and skills supplied. The architecture will contextually draw from surrounding influences of both present and historical architectural language. 



Cloud 9 - That's That [Designer / Constructor] - Team of 7

Love Saves The Day 2016 sore a follow on from our team 'That's That' in designing and making the Cloud 9 Stage. This year due to the move to an outside stage the end dimensions of the stage in total spanned 38m with a top out height of 5m. The concept behind the visual appearance both in artwork but form was that of the Memphis movement. The design played with bold shape, colour and pattern to deliver a playful and striking presence in the top corner of the festival site. 

Photo Credits: We Are Here & Now 



Pocket Park (Concrete Community) - LTML Studio [Designer / Constructor / Community Workshops] - Team of 8

... Coming soon - A follow on collaboration with the community and old client, the university live project has now evolved into a granted scheme via the Government Pocket Park initiative. Ours among 86 others across the country have been funded to realise a public space regeneration which is in the hearts of the locals to site. For more information on the initiative click HERE. The Pocket park is located in the map below.


 Spike Island Design Day   

Spike Island Design Day



Wayfarers - UWE MA Architecture [Designer / Constructor] - Team of 4

The brief set by our Live client from the Bristol Green Capital 2015 commissioned us as a part of our brief to create a temporary band stand for the Portway Sunday Park Event on the 25th October. Our Vision statement for the commission was: We wanted to create a performative piece of architecture encompassing re usable materials, to act as a temporary band stand for the sharing communities event. Exploring what could be achieved with utilising Bristol’s network of reclamation yards, re use organisations and generosity of institutions.

Diagram by Matthew Smith

Linked: Hands-On Bristol  Bristol Green Capital 2015 


Nomadic Studio - UWE MA Architecture  [Lead Designer / Constructor] - Team of 6

As the first project of the MA Architecture first years, the brief was a collaborative project to expand upon and explore new ways of designing a desk space. The main concept was to leave the confines of the studio, endorsing movement outdoors gathering inspiration and perspective. The back pack desk, was designed to be versatile and functional offering alternative to standardised desk working while providing facilities for hot desk'ing. 


Orgasmatree 2.0 - LOXE Studio / Studio Tesselate [Designer / Constructor] - Team of 7

The Orgasmatree 2.0 is a evolution on the original seen at Secret Garden Party in 2014, the 2.0 was commissioned by Dimensions and Outlook festival in 2015 for Subpac a company with a tactile bass product system. The brief was to create a installation which highlighted the products and endorsed social activity to further the brand activation at the festival. 


Info Points - ThatsThat [Project Manager / Designer / Constructor] - Team of 2 

As a part of the ThatsThat cross site art and installation team we have various project within are brief, Info points, seating area, signage and a stage. Although I crossed over into over parts of the team on, myself and Adam Bourne was the sole creators of the bespoke information points which are striking, dynamic and unique in comparison to any other festival based informative piece. We decided to turn a regular object into a sculptural piece.

Photo Credits: Mike Massaro 


Orgasmatree - LOXE Studio [Project Manager / Lead Designer] - Team of 7

The orgasmatree is a playful, interactive and immersive installation creating a place for shelter, meeting and breaking down barriers of social constraints. Thus creating a platform for relationships and friendships to start. It offers a magical canopied space that can be used to escape the hustle and bustle of festival live. Constructed at Secret Garden Party 2014.

Photo Credits: Nick Caro & Sean Kerr


Viva - LOXE Studio [Designer / Maker] - Team of 5

Unbuilt installation which optimises the re use of exiting pallets on a festival site into a seating installation, through artwork and careful attention to structure the concept allowed the piece to be taken apart again and the individual pallets to be used as first intended. Thus creating a more sustainable festival seating area with multiple uses, even after the event. 



3Tier Installation - LOXE Studio [Designer / Project Manager] - Team of 4

The 3Tier Installation is a three dimensional projection experimentation which was specifically designed and built for the Lunar UK night at Orange rooms, Bournemouth. The three layers gave the projection visuals (Done by Dipo Kayode-Osi) a depth physically and to play with simplicity not chaotic projection set design. Along side this some additional lighting design was done in the main Bunker room to visually improve the three dimensional temporary wall facade behind the DJ. 


HIDE - University Collaboration with Fine Art students [Project Manager / Designer] - Team of 9

October 2011 , site area was Holton Heath near Poole, Dorset. The aim was to create an object or experience which was not architectural such as a building but taking the HIDE analogy and applying a personal twist of the concept. In the group that I was in we went for how trees hide their growth rings, taking this from an idea to exhibiting on site was achieved in just under one week.